How to create an offer?

Go to the offer page. Select products that you want to upsell / crossell. Choose your offer text with our WYSWYG editor and choose a discount code if you want to add a discount to your offer.

How to create a discount code through Shopify?

If you want to add a discount code in your offer please make sure the discount code exists in Shopify. Here is how to create a discount code in Shopify.

Does the discount apply to the order or only the upsell products

The discount applies to the whole order. However you can create discounts on Shopify that applies to certain products and have it match the upsell product.

Does the offer appear before or after checkout?

The created offer will appear in your thank you page and the order status page after the checkout. No pre-checkout offer upsell is available currently.

How to enable / disable the app widget?

Go to the app settings page. And click on disable / enable. Please notice that when you install the app the widget is disabled. You will be prompted to enable the app once you create your offer.

Does the app show already added products (in current order) ?

No. If the item already exists on the current order it won't be shown in the upsell offer. This is meant to avoid customers cancelling previous orders and starting new one just to take advantage of an offer. However you can still override this behaviour by enabling "Show products that are already in the offer" in the settings page.

Does the customer need to go throw the payment process again?

Yes, currently customers need to go through the checkout process again. In the future, customers will be able to reorder with one click.

Does this app require a payment processor?

No, it uses what you already have with Shopify. The checkout process is controlled by Shopify. The app adds the upsell offer only post purchase.